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Book Clubs

Who can borrow from the book club collection?

Book clubs must be registered with us. Any member of Blacktown City Libraries can register their book club. Registered members are responsible for the prompt return of book club kits and the payment of any charges for lost or damaged items.

How much does it cost?

Our service is free for members.

Can we go on a waiting list to borrow a book club kit?

Sorry, we do not take reservations on book club kits.

How long can my group borrow the kits?

The kits can be borrowed for six weeks. There are no renewals.

Can we borrow more than one kit at a time?

Yes. A maximum of two kits can be on loan to a group, subject to availability.

How do we return the kits?

The bag and all of its contents must be returned together as a complete set to the library, during opening hours.

What if we lose or damage a book?

If your group loses or damages a book it must be replaced. The person who damaged or lost the book must pay the replacement cost at any Blacktown City Libraries.

How does the library select the titles for the book club collection?

The books are selected by library staff and in collaboration with the book clubs. We want the kits to include both fiction and non-fiction titles, catering for a wide range of tastes.

What will we be reading?

Your book club can choose from our huge collection of books. There is something for everyone from the latest releases to old favourites. Your suggestions for new titles are always welcome!

I’m not in a book club. Can you help me to join one?

Have a look at our list of book clubs or consider starting your own!


Where can I use my library card?

You can use your Blacktown City Libraries card at any of our 5 library branches

How many items can I borrow?

You can borrow up to 35 items at one time and limitations apply to certain collections. More information can be found here.

How long can I borrow items?

Items can be borrowed for 3 weeks.

How many times can I renew?

Most items may be renewed if not overdue or reserved.  More information can be found here.

I've lost an item I borrowed. What happens next?

If you have lost an item you will be charged for the cost to replace the item plus a non-refundable processing fee.

Can I replace the item with a similar copy?

The library does not accept replacement copies for lost items.

What if I find the item after I have paid for a replacement?

If you find the item and return it to the library, you will be entitled to a refund. The refund will be a cheque from Council. This amount is what you paid for the item, less the processing fee.

I received an overdue notice from the library, but I have already returned/never borrowed this item. What should I do?

If you receive a notification regarding a book that you believe you have already returned please contact the library.

Catalogue / My Library

How can I access the library catalogue?

The URL for the library catalogue is You can also access the catalogue from the Home page and the Search Catalogues page.

What is My Library?

My Library allows you to access your personal account details where you can:

  • see what items you currently have on reserve, if they are available to be picked up or see your current place in the reserve queue
  • see your current loans and overdue loans
  • renew your loans if they are not overdue
  • see what items you currently have booked
  • see your current requests
  • cancel your current reservations, bookings or requests if they are no longer needed
  • create new alert profiles and update your existing profiles
  • review, update and delete any ratings and comments you have created
  • view a history of your previous loans, reservations, bookings and requests
  • view and update your address and contact details
  • It also provides access to the records in your savedlist. You do not need to be logged in to use your savedlist, but you do need to be logged in to access your personal account details.

How do I change the address/email/phone number for my library card?

To change your address and phone number please contact the library directly. You can update your email address by signing in to My Library. Further information about using My Library can be found here

What does "In-process" mean?

If the status of an item listed in the catalogue is “In-process” it means the item is not yet available for loan. If you would like to be notified when the item becomes available you can place a reservation.


What kind of material does the library have for me to borrow?

The library provides access to a diverse range of material. More information about the different collections held in the library can be found here.

Can I make a suggestion for the library to buy a particular item?

Yes. The library welcomes suggestions from the community. More information about making a suggestion for purchase can be found here

How do I know what new items have been added to the collection?

You can browse a list of new items by selecting 'Titles', listed under the 'New Resources' heading, on the 'Navigation' menu on the left hand side of the library catalogue.

Can I donate books and other material to the library?

The Library accepts donations of resource material provided items are in good condition and current, but reserves the right to decide whether or not to retain any donated item and at which location to house it.  Donations are assessed by the appropriate resource selectors and other appropriate staff, and the criteria for retention are the same as for selection of purchased items. Donations which do not meet the selection criteria are added to Blacktown City Libraries’ Book Sales.

Please read the library's Collection Development Policy for more information.

How does the library choose material for the collection?

To ensure that the selection of material is meets the conditions outlined in the Collection Development Policy the library uses a number of methods to select material for the collection including:

  • Online databases and similar digital resources, including trade and media reviews.
  • Publishers’ and distributors’ lists both print and online, and suppliers’ presentations and/or visits to warehouses or bookstores where these suit specific selection needs.
  • Bibliographies and reading lists, best-seller lists.
  • Agreed selection criteria when participating in consortia
  • Suggestions from other staff, and from members of the community, both as individuals and as groups, subject to the above selection criteria. Where customer suggestions for purchase do not meet the Library’s selection criteria the inter-library loan service may be offered.

Does the library have large print books?

Yes. The library has a collection of large print books which are searchable via the library catalogue.

Community information

Can the library display brochures / posters about my community event / service?

Yes. As part of our service as a provider of information to the community the library seeks to provide easy access to relevant information about local community events, programs and other items of public interest.

All material provided for display will be subject to the the library’s guidelines for accepting or rejecting such community information materials for display.

Acceptable materials include:

  • Contact and description information for non-profit organisations, government departments and educational institutions.
  • Programs and events run by non-profit organisations, government departments and educational institutions.
  • Notices to the community by government departments e.g. RTA road changes.
  • Information, programs and events conducted or sponsored by Blacktown City Council.

Unacceptable materials include:

  • Contact, description and advertising information for commercial organisations / individuals. Programs and events run by commercial organisations / individuals.
  • Advertising information for individuals e.g. garage sales.
  • Information advocating specific philosophies and/or religions.
  • Information advocating specific political viewpoints.
  • Any material deemed in the opinion of the Community Information Librarian to be unacceptable in a public library.

Where else can I find information about services and events in Blacktown City?

In cooperation with neighbouring Councils, the library maintains a Community Information Directory which is freely available online.


Can I print from my mobile device?

Yes. Wireless printing is available from Max Webber Library, Blacktown. Further information is available here.

Can I pay using a card?

No. Printing and photocopying services are cash only.



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