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Collections A-Z

Adult Fiction

From the enduring classics of literature to the modern giants of popular fiction, each branch has a selection of novels to suit any taste.  Approximately 2000 new books are added to the collection each year.  For speedy browsing, popular fiction genres are identified by coloured spot labels.

Children's Collections

The Library provides access to material for all levels of young readers. Find out more.


The Library adds approximately 2500 new DVDs to the collection each year. A range of factual programs and documentaries is available to browse, including “how to” programs, self-education and leisure subjects. Classic and current films from around the globe are included in the collection. Some popular television drama and comedy series are also available.

Digital Library

The Digital Library is an extensive and ever growing collection of digital material which can be accessed online 24/7, using your library card. Online databases include online games, ebooks and audiobooks, newspaper, magazine and journal articles, online reference books such as encyclopedias, and a range of specialist resources to assist research in almost every subject. Vist the Digital Library for access.

Graphic Novels

A collection of graphic novels is available at all library branches, titles are available for children and adults.

Language Workshop

This collection includes books, CDs, DVDs and MP3 resources to assist you in learning a new language, or to improve your exisiting language skills. Dictionaries, grammar texts and information about the history of languages are included. The collection has a large selection of resources suitable for people wishing to learn English, as well as a variety of other languages.

Large Print

Large Print is a format that is used by people with a range of print disabilities including older Australians with diminished vision, individuals with various forms of sight loss and people with learning or literacy difficulties. More information about accessibility is available here.


The items in the Literacy collection are suitable for an English speaker who is seeking to improve their reading and writing skills. Graded readers, Book and CD read-along combinations and a range of instructional material, many with practice exercises are included in the collection.


Each branch library has a regularly updated selection of magazines which reflect current interests and trends. From iconic titles such as Time to the latest technology publications; from film reviews to interior decorating, there is a magazine to match any interest. Magazines in various community languages are also available at Max Webber Library, Blacktown and Our Library @ the Mount Druitt Hub.


Current popular music and an eclectic range of music from every continent are available in the music collection, in compact disc format.  Country, instrumental, classical and easy listening styles are also available.


Physical copies of major NSW and local newspapers are available in the Library. Older newspapers may be available in print, online or on microfilm. View a list of available titles.


Factual books on a wide variety of subjects are provided at all library branches. These include leisure reading on topics such as travel or cookery, instructional material to assist in learning new skills, techniques or crafts, personal development and current affairs. The collection contains material suitable for adults and younger people wishing to explore a personal interest, but also supports young adults (look for green labels) and children (look for red labels) in school study by providing curriculum relevant material. Approximately 5000 new books are added to the collection each year.

Research Collections

Specialised research collections are available to suppliment the Library's online databases and general reference collection. These collections include resources for HSC students, those seeking legal information and those researching family history and local history.

Spoken Word

A range of high quality, unabridged audiobooks in CD and MP3 formats is available at all branches. Online visitors can also download eAudiobooks from the Digital Library 24/7. A diverse collection including best selling novels and non-fiction titles ranging from the thought-provoking to the humorous are available. 

Technology for Loan

This collection aims to provide library members with technology that would otherwise not be available to them, including eReaders. Find out more.

Young Adult Fiction

A special collection of young adult fiction is available at all library branches. Items in this collection are easily identified by a green coloured spine label. 



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