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Access 100s of digital magazines for free. There are no reservations or loan limits, so you can read whatever you like on any device. 

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What is RB Digital for Libraries

RB Digital, the world’s largest newsstand, offers full colour, interactive digital magazines for your enjoyment. Browse from our library’s collection of popular titles with no reservations, no time limit on loans, no need to return, and no limit to the number of magazines you can download.

How do I sign up for digital magazines?

  • Join Blacktown City Libraries
  • Click on the link to view our collection of magazines.
  • Click Create New Account and enter your library card number
  • Enter your details and click Create Account.

Create Your Personal Reading List

  • Once you’re logged in, click on a magazine you wish to read
  • Create your own personal RB Digital account – this is separate to the account you made above, but use the same email address
  • If you already have a RB Digital account, use those details
  • Your magazine is now in Your Reading List ready to be enjoyed!
  • Add as many titles as you’d like from our RB Digital collection page – they will remain in Your Reading List until you choose to delete them.

How do I Read and Download?


You can read most magazines online using your browser by clicking on the magazine in Your Reading List.


Download the RB Digital PC/Mac app using the link on the bottom of our RB Digital collection page and you can download the magazines you’ve selected to read offline by signing in with your RB Digital account.

On your smartphone or tablet 

Download RB Digital from your smartphone or tablet’s app store and sign in with your RB Digital account to download and read your selected titles offline and on the go!




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