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Children's Collections

The Library has an extensive collection for children of all ages.

Label  Description Ages 


Picture books focus on the illustrations, where the pictures and words join to tell the story.



Board books are suitable for babies to learn to handle, with simple stories, one word to sentence per page. Some board books have tactile elements to help convey the meaning of certain words. 0-3


Readers are designed to assist the learning reader to practice reading. These books feature stories or factual information and range from simple one word, or one sentence per page, up to short chapter books. We’ve made it easier for you to find your child’s reading level.  Look for the coloured spots:

  • Level 1 - Yellow: 1 word up to 2 sentences per page. 
  • Level 2 - Red: 3-6 sentences with simple language.
  • Level 3 - Green: Longer paragraphs and sentences with a few complex words of 2-4 syllables.
  • Level 4 - Blue: Short chapter books between 4-10 chapters.


Junior Fiction, or chapter books, cover a broad range of reading interests and genres. There are fairytales, movie and TV tie-ins, prize winning titles and books from and about Australia. 6-12 


Junior Graphic Novels are stories presented in comic format. 6-12


Premiers Reading Challenge books have a prominent fluorescent label stating the recommended reading level. Titles from the K-2 and Year 3-4 lists are shelved together. Books from the Year 5-6 and 7-9 lists are interfiled with the Junior Fiction and Young Adult collections. 4-15


Junior magazines cover a wide range of reading interests. 5-12


Junior spoken word items are CDs or MP3s with stories being read to you. Works by many popular authors are available for loan. 4-15 


Junior Read-Along books include a CD so you can read the story while is being read to you. 3-7 


Junior DVDs are rated G or PG and include music, preschool programs, animation, documentaries and family movies. 0-12 


Toys are stored at Our Library @ The Mount Druitt Hub. They are available for loan from all branches by reserving the selected toy through the catalogue. 1-5 

Children's books in community languages

Children's books are also available in a variety of languages. The children's library staff can help you find children's stories about specific topics or from your culture.

Contact children's library staff on 02 9839 6645.

New Zealand and Pacific Islander books for children  Download 



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